Many children spend most of their waking hours and eat up to half their daily calories at school. If we want our kids to be healthy and active over their lifetimes, schools have a crucial role to play in cultivating healthy nutrition, physical activity habits and overall wellness. When kids are healthy and active, we know they perform better academically and even behave better in the classroom.

Together, with parents, local policy makers, school administrators, students, and other members of the community, we can create a school environment that ensures our kids have access to nutritious meals and regular physical activity. That is where this toolkit comes in. Raise your hand and use the information and resources here to support healthy changes in your community—guaranteeing all kids can improve their nutrition and fitness habits, making for fewer health problems later in life.

Voices for Healthy Kids is dedicated to making sure schools are places that support the wellness of all children – no matter where they live, what school they attend, or what grade they are in. It’s good for their health now and in the future. And that is good for all of us.

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Breaking News: Little Rock School District Just Became First in U.S. to Pass Hydration Policies

The Little Rock School District just became the first school district in the nation to adopt a hydration policy. The measure allows students to bring water bottles with them into classrooms and it requires all new construction and major renovation projects that happen at schools to include water bottle filling stations in their blueprints.

January 10, 2020

News from Vermont: Maple Run Unified School District Wellness Policy!

The Maple Run Unified School District school board voted in favor of the adoption of a new wellness policy in St. Albans, Vermont, impacting thousands of students!

June 7, 2019

Water Bottle Filling Stations in Kentucky Schools!

Kentucky has become the first state to require water bottle filling stations for all newly constructed schools and school modernization projects!

April 22, 2019